How to handle #MULTIVALUE on Business Objects.

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Tags: business objects, input control, multivalue, sap, web intelligence

Here I will like to convey one of my work around to handle MULTIVALUE warning or you can say error.

If you want to take from UserResponse function or value of an Input Control, you may sometimes face with MULTIVALUE error simple because there are more than one values returned from the functions to display. Here what you need to do is to decide how you want to handle the multiple results returned.

Let's say you have a report that returns Year to Date report listing all months starting from January up to the month selected. And you want to name the report for the dates between. Therefore you can use a formula like below for your title for instance:

=Min(UserResponse())+" - "+Max(UserResponse())

And in another scenario, let's say you have Input Control to select values. And you want to show the selected values, but there is also possiblity that user can choose ALL. In this case, if you want to return "ALL" when all is selected and return the selected value if another option is selected, then you can try something like this below. But remember, you cannot obtain Input Control selection, instead you need to go over from the dimension that the Input Control uses.

=If Count([myInput]) > 1 Then "ALL" ElseĀ [myInput]

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